Career Mastery™ Kickstart – Virtual Summit – FREE!

Career Mastery™ Kickstart is the popular online Summit that gets the new year off to a great start and sets you up for success. Now in its fifth year, it’s free to participate and there’s potential to reap big rewards.

For 5 days starting on Monday, January 25th, 25 world-class experts share tips, strategies and insights to succeed in your career faster and more easily. All for free!

This year’s line-up includes best-selling authors, award-winning executive coaches, senior executives, and top business school professors, such as Keith Ferrazzi, Erica Dhawan, David Burkus, Paul Smith, Alisa Cohn, Simon Alexander Ong, Kim Scott, Karen Mangia, Laura Huang, and Wayne Baker

By the end of the Summit, you’ll be more focused, confident and effective in advancing your career. And as previous participants have found, just one or two tips can take your career to a new and exciting level.

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Speakers & Sessions

Mon Jan 25

(Each day’s content goes “live” at 8:00am Pacific Time)


  1. Alisa Cohn – How to Build Your Executive Presence
  2. Anusha Wijeyakumar – How to Be Resilient During Challenging Times
  3. Keith Ferrazzi – How to Lead Without Authority
  4. Simon T. Bailey – How to Tap Into the Wisdom of Successful People to Advance Your Career
  5. Wayne Baker – How to Make Amazing Things Happen in Your Career and Life
Tue Jan 26 SUMMIT DAY 2:

  1. Erica Dhawan – How Superconnectors Communicate to Align and Motivate Teams
  2. Karen Mangia – How to Achieve More by Doing Less
  3. Lisa Rangel – How to Discover Unpublished Jobs Using LinkedIn
  4. Tanveer Naseer – How to Empower Your Team to Deliver Successful Results
  5. William Arruda – How to Make a Powerful Digital First Impression
Wed Jan 27 SUMMIT DAY 3:

  1. Chris Westfall – How to Be More Influential and Persuasive
  2. David Burkus – How to Build a More Diverse, Valuable and Rich Network
  3. Heather McGowan – How to Discover Your Passion and Future-Proof Your Career
  4. Risha Grant – How to Turn Your Diversity Into Your Superpower
  5. Simon Alexander Ong – How to Have More Energy to Focus on What Matters Most
Thu Jan 28 SUMMIT DAY 4:

  1. Carrie Gallant – How to Negotiate a Pay Rise
  2. Karen Wickre – How to Make Networking Easy and Stress-Free
  3. Laura Huang – How to Shift Unfair Perceptions in Your Favor
  4. Leo Bottary – How to Be Resilient to Get Big Things Done
  5. Paul Smith – How to Use Storytelling to Be a Better Leader
Fri Jan 29 SUMMIT DAY 5:

  1. Andrew Blotky – How to Communicate to Get the Outcomes You Want
  2. James Brook – How to Optimize Your Strengths to Achieve Greater Results
  3. Kim Scott – How to Handle Bias at Work
  4. Michael O’Brien – How to Prevent a Bad Moment From Turning Into a Bad Day
  5. Natalie Nixon – How to Be Super Creative to Navigate Complexity

Common Questions

“Where is this Summit taking place?”

Career Mastery™ Kickstart takes place online so you can watch, learn and interact wherever you have a computer and internet connection or on a smartphone – from the comfort of your home, in the office, during your commute, in your favorite coffee shop, at the gym… you get the idea!

“How do I watch the Tips and Interviews?”

You’ll receive an email every day of the Summit with links to that day’s sessions of Career Mastery™ Tips and Interviews. You can view the sessions from any computer, tablet or mobile device.

“How long will the Tips and interviews be available?”

The Summit’s Tips and Interviews will be available for 24 hours following their release and you can watch them for free during that time frame. If you miss any sessions, or want to revisit them later, you can upgrade to the Summit’s All Access Pass for unlimited and lifetime access to all the Tips and Interviews.

“Can I join after the Summit has started?”

Yes! You’ll be able to access the current day’s Career Mastery™ Tips and Interviews. If you wish to catch up on all the Tips and Interviews you missed, you can upgrade to the Summit’s All Access Pass and access them at anytime in the future.