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Advice for People Starting Law School: Law School Expert’s Top 5 Tips

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I’ve been in the law school advice business for almost 15 years (assuming you count the time I was actually in law school). My Top 5 Tips …

By Ismaris Ocasio
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Tips to Finding Government Jobs During A Pandemic

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Governments are still hiring. Jobs are available, even with hiring freezes at the state, county and city levels. Business activity has decreased but governments are still providing vital goods and …

By Ismaris Ocasio
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9 Federal Job Search Tips That’ll Help You Land That Government Job

By Tim McManus of the Partnership for Public Service, The Muse

Retrieved from The Muse, “9 Federal Job Search Tips That’ll Help You Land That Government Job“

Landing a federal job can be an overwhelming—and often frustrating—process. But there’s no …

By Douglas Neese
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