Public Health Sciences

University of Miami Pledges to Address Workforce Barriers through BridgesAlliance


Over 50 universities have joined BridgesAlliance to give their students access to real-world career experiences through technology powered by PeopleGrove.

The threats facing higher education and the economy have accelerated amid a global pandemic and have made future paths for …

By Keashla Marengo
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Nurse Practitioner Specialties Explained


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The modern healthcare world has expanded vastly in recent history to offer quality and comprehensive care to patients of all ages and all demographics like never before. We know more and can do more to promote the best …

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How to Prevent and Resolve Difficult Patient Encounters

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If you work on the front lines of patient care, at some point, you will have a patient situation that is challenging, to say the least. One study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine found that about …

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Summer Skill-Up | Alumni Webinar Series

Join us for a Summer Skill-Up series of career-related webinars developed to inspire, motivate, and receive tangible advice from alumni …



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