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10 Hot Legal Careers for Non-Lawyers

10 Hot Legal Careers for Non-Lawyers thumbnail image

Retrieved from: https://www.thebalancecareers.com/hot-legal-careers-non-lawyers-2164308

Most people think of lawyers when they consider a career in the legal field, but there are a number of other satisfying, lucrative law careers that don’t require an expensive, …

By Ismaris Ocasio
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10 Great Paying Public Administration Jobs and How to Get Them

10 Great Paying Public Administration Jobs and How to Get Them thumbnail image

By: PublicAdminCareers.com

Retrieved from: https://publicadmincareers.com/resources/blog/10-great-public-administration-jobs-get/

So you’re interested in getting a degree in public administration, but you’re wondering what kinds of public administration jobs you have to choose from – …

By Douglas Neese
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Success Stories of Gamification in Recruitment

Success Stories of Gamification in Recruitment

By: Shalini L

Retrieved from: https://www.olxpeople.com/blog/success-stories-of-gamification-in-recruitment/

This article is written for Recruiters, but can also be helpful for candidates interviewing with companies utilizing gamification. 

Recruiters use interactive games such as challenges, quizzes or behavioural evaluations, to add a fun element …

By Devin Rogan
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Alumni Mentors

  • Hardware Technician Kforce Technology
  • Human Resources Director Autoscribe Corporation
  • Director of Technology Kforce
  • EDI Developer Beacon Hill Technologies
  • Shareholder Ver Ploeg & Lumpkin
  • Business Development Specialist Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale (Non-Profit)
  • Team Leader for Custom Events Services & Leader Banks American Express Global Business Travel
  • Senior Manager Water and Agriculture


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