Building Resilience by Modeling the Task – Dr. Barrett Mincey – UM Alum

Retrieved from “The U.N.’s view of human development emphasizes resilience to cope with vulnerabilities.”
Dr. Haroon A. Khan, SPPA Faculty member and author:
• The Idea of Good Governance and the Politics of the Global South
• Globalization and the Challenges of Public Administration

Dr. Barrett Mincey is an award-winning educator with 20+ years of teaching experience. He has
dedicated more than 10 of these years as a SPPA faculty member, teaching masters and
doctoral courses. He has also served as lead faculty, chair and methodologist on dissertation
committees, and as a member of SPPA’s Academic Program Review and Curriculum and Policy
committees. Before coming to Walden, Dr. Mincey taught high school math and was named the
Teacher of the Year for Alternative Education by the Miami-Dade County School System.

Now a SPPA Senior Contributing Faculty member, he serves as a model of professionalism. Dr. Mincey sets high
expectations for each of his students (consistently addressing them as “scholars”). Patterning his spirited discussion
questions according to the Socratic method, he challenges each student to think critically. Students who may first be
reluctant to venture beyond the minimum expectations of the course soon respond to his patient encouragement
and tenacity, embrace his rigorous teaching strategies, and are eager to emerge as scholars-practitioners.

Dr. Mincey’s colleagues admire his resilience and ability to guide and respectfully encourage students whose lives
have been disrupted by COVID-19. At faculty meetings, he emphasizes his conviction that “in order to further the
teaching profession, we must invest a considerable amount of time improving the quality of instruction to help
graduate students apply new knowledge to their areas of expertise.” Bringing this philosophy to SPPA, Dr. Mincey is
enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge with faculty colleagues and, in turn, learning from them.

In addition to teaching a variety of SPPA courses – including his favorite courses of Foundations of Graduate Study
and Strategic Context of Public Management and Leadership – Dr. Mincey guides doctoral students as their
dissertation Chair. The topics of his students exemplify the multiple expressions of resilience across disciplines:
• Reducing Sport-related Injuries: Perspectives from NFL High School Coach of the Year Recipients
• Understanding how the Army’s Informal Leader Bonds Formal Leadership and the Complex Environment
• Developing Generation-Based Volunteer Management Practices

Dr. Mincey’s doctoral student, Marsha Jackson, recently expressed her gratitude for the way he challenged her
to think critically, persevere, speak up, and show resilience. This Soledad O’Brien documentary, In Texas, These
Residents Are Dying to Breathe Clean Air, featured Marsha’s activism on behalf of racial justice and
environmental protection:

By Keashla Marengo
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