Top Video Job Interview Tips

Due to COVID 19 restrictions, the recruitment process has experienced some challenges. With most face-time sessions suspended, video interviews come as a viable solution especially on filtering several candidates.

If you are taking your first Zoom video interview, the experience should not give you nervous tension. Allow us to take you through six basic video interview tips to propel you for the next level.

1. Verify your Equipment

Reduce chances of technical mishaps by ensuring that your equipment is in perfect order. If you require apps for your interview, download them in ample time to familiarize yourself. When using platforms that need logins, ensure that you create a professional username comparable to your email address.

At least two days before your video interview, download and test the software you’ll be using. Be sure your webcam is working, and your audio is clear. If you’re using Bluetooth, verify your mic and other devices you need are paired.

Take time to get acquainted with your equipment as you learn the basics. Practice your video positioning; you can do a trial on a relative or friend on how to get the finest viewpoint.

If there are several internet users in your household, make sure no one is playing online games, streaming Netflix, or video conferencing at the same time, since this can slow you down.

Always ensure that your gadgets get fully charged before the interview.

2. Choose a Distraction-free Location

Choose a quiet spot away from your roommates and pet’s distractions. Ensure that your background is simple, tidy, and free from dazzling wall hangings. Get a space with enough natural light to avoid getting shadows in your session. A neutral background with few details is best. You can even put up a simple, neutrally colored object like a whiteboard to “normalize” your background.

If expecting visitors or delivery people, write a no-disturbance note on your door. Additionally, switch off any applications from your computer or mobile phone to avoid unnecessary noise from notifications.

3. Show Your Good Side

Use your videoconferencing software’s testing features to find the perfect angle: You should be centered in the screen with your full face visible. Positioning the camera so you’re looking slightly upward will give you the most flattering appearance. You can find several laptop stand options here that range from $20 to $500, or you can use a box to help prop your computer up higher.

4. Dress for the Interview

Perk up your confidence by dressing impeccably well. Like any other interview, your prospective employer will gauge you based on your attires. Dress properly from head to toe. Avoid wearing a formal suit and pairing it with casual shoes assuming that the interviewer would not notice. You never know when you may have to get up during the interview.

Restrain from vibrant colors and settle for plain well pressed outfits. Confirm if your apparel looks good on camera. You can try it out a day before the interview and observe how the colors reflect. For women candidates, avoid wearing low necked outfits with loud accessories.

5. Appropriate Body Language as Video Interview Tips

Good eye contact speaks louder than words. Ensure that you focus directly on the screen without your eyes wandering away. Display your confidence by maintaining a good body posture. Sit straight and your arms on the table or your laps. Ensure that you speak clearly for the microphone to project your voice.

Sometimes connections may delay the communication. So, give your interviewer enough time to talk before giving your answer. After the interview, always ensure that you thank the interviewee for the chance given.

6. Share your Appreciation

After the interview follow up with a post interview thank you email within 24 hours after the video interview. In your thank you email, briefly reinforce your continued interest and why your skills align perfectly with the challenges of the project/role. If the interviewer shared anything personal during the video interview go ahead and drop a quick note on that subject to make it more personal. For example, maybe they referenced an upcoming vacation, recent illness, something they are looking forward to, etc. Checkout these tips on writing a professional and personalized post-interview thank you note.

In conclusion, video interviewing might seem intimidating at first, but it’s easier than it looks. As a job seeker, you have the same goal in a video interview and an in-person interview; which is to get a job offer. Focus on making a quality connection with the interviewer and worry less about the video part. In reality, the video aspect of doing it in your house comes as an added benefit. Thus, take advantage of it, follow the above video interview tips, and get the job of your dreams.

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