Job Search Blues: Stop searching and start finding the opportunities you want!

Are you frustrated with a job search that takes months of time with little results? Not winning interviews? Not getting callbacks? Getting offers for jobs you don’t want? Feeling demoralized and hopeless? I have a secret…the The traditional job search doesn’t WORK! Spending countless hours uploading your resume to applications online, going to “networking events”, searching Monster, or hoping someone reads the LinkedIn profile you have pieced together is a WASTE of time!
Generic strategies get you generic results! Get out of the logjam of a traditional job search and take the fast track!. Work smarter, not harder. I have another secret, there are three things you need to focus on to start finding the jobs you want: The Why, The How and the Buzz.
The Why
Most job seekers are unable to clearly communicate why they are a red hot asset in the job market. In fact, when posed with the question the number one response I hear is a bit of a stuttering mess followed by an embarrassed laugh. Rule number one knows why you are valuable!
The How
Just because you know it, don’t mean you know how to say it! Imagine your favorite product sitting somewhere in a warehouse on a shelf being wonderful to the creators but never shared with the public. Imagine these creators saying, “if you are that interested in the product, you will figure out how to find us!” Well, you would probably never get access to your product, because you would not know where it was and with other products more conveniently located and easy to access, yours would stay locked up in that warehouse. (can play with this idea, but you get what I mean) Like the product, it’s NOT enough to know your value, but you must also know how to connect your value to the marketplace, your key audience, and your connections. Without knowing how to speak your value your job search has no real traction.
Once you understand why you are of value and how to communicate your value, you have a message that you can share across social media, resume, other job marketing materials, and in your interviewing and negotiation strategies. Without this, the why and the how fall flat!
The Buzz
What is the buzz? It is Key industry people, issues, trends, technologies, and controversies are what we call the buzz—and every industry has them. Savvy job seekers not only know about the Buzz within their jobs and industries, but they are out talking to thought leaders about it and sharing information and ideas. They sometimes blog, they attend high-profile industry conferences, and many are invited to lead breakout sessions. They seek introductions, suggest exploratory and informational interviews. They are rarely hiding at home behind their computers applying for jobs because they are busy meeting influential people and sharing interesting industry information. Why? The number one way that people get jobs regardless of age, gender, race, profession, or professional level is by personal referrals. With the Buzz, you create every opportunity to generate those referrals because you are able to speak intelligently about yourself, your value, your industry, and your employer’s pain points. By creating the Buzz, you are able to describe how you have been able to move the needle and bring positive solutions to real workplace challenges. When you have created the Buzz, people begin to make introductions on your behalf, and right employers not only enjoy meeting you—they hire you!
By Serena Santillanes
Serena Santillanes President