Career Resilience: Do You Have It?

Resilience (Verb)

  1. the ability to spring back, rebound, elasticity
  2. to recover



Career Resilience: The ability for your career to rebound and spring back in any given situation.

Are you able to anticipate your needs as well as the needs of your department, the company, your industry?  No matter what the given circumstance: a change in your group, a shift in the economy or industry, a change in manager or the way work is done, a shift in your interests or skills – can your career spring back stronger than ever from this shift?

As a savvy person in today’s world of work, it is critical to have a pulse on the work environment and your career needs, in an effort to build and maintain career resilience.  You can’t control external factors that may occur in your career, but your ability to adapt and recover, stronger and wiser, is critical to your own career longevity.  Having career resilience means:

  • you can anticipate the changes happening in your work environment
  • you are mindful of your career needs
  • you are actively managing your career to adapt to those needs and changes
  • you are proactive in your career all year long

Here are some tips to help you build your career resilience:

  • Be able to list the 10 skills that you possess at any given time.
  • Have a clear vision statement for where you want your career to progress. Include short-and long-terms goals that can always change with your changing needs.
  • Improve, in a significant way, your skills each year.
  • Upgrade your computer knowledge on a yearly basis.
  • Regularly look for opportunities to take on new responsibilities at work and create value in yourself.
  • Have a well-defined career brand so that you can clearly communicate your value in the workplace.
  • Be aware of the skills and abilities that you need to continue to be employable.
  • Have a network of people in and outside your company that can help your career at any time.
  • Identify the future direction of your field and stay ahead of it by making reading industry publications and attending professional association meetings. Use this resource to find professional associations. 
  • Be ready for an ever constantly changing world of work. Your ability to maneuver change and manage your career during change will help you be ready for whatever and prepared for anything.
By Serena Santillanes
Serena Santillanes President